Thursday, December 6, 2012

Greetings, Earthlings!

Ah, faithful readers. No doubt you are mourning the loss of my esteemed yet scattered former blog, Dating the Tooth Fairy. Yes, it's tragic, but it had to be done. The blog had morphed from its original ramblings into a blog about the books I was reading. Which is great and all, but an author seeking publication shouldn't be talking publicly (positively OR negatively) about other books. I don't want to alienate anyone who may be involved with my own books someday--or who may choose NOT to be involved on account of a quick review I gave little thought to.

So! I will no longer be talking in detail about the books I'm reading. Instead, this is back to being a more personal-ish blog, though I will try to give it more structure (and time) than it has in the past. I may even talk more than I usually do about my own writing. But it's Day 1, and I hesitate to put any labels on this baby yet. Ooo, it's a baby. Should I . . . name it? Wait, I already did.

This Moment Is Not Without Its Charms is the title of a failed attempt at a novel. I know--shocker. It was a lovely idea, set in a fictional town in Florida (a town that probably underwent 10 name changes), with a sprawling cast of characters, including some adorable children who did cute things like playing with rubber fish and then trying to flush the fish down the toilet. As one does.

But alas, the first Charms was devoid of plot. It still has a place on my writing shelf, though, for its inevitable trip to the writing chop shop in my brain, where I take out all the good bits and leave the bad stuff to rot in my Writing Cryogenic Chamber, where all bad novels go to die . . . or remain in stasis, in my storage unit, in a dark, airless trunk. It's a great title, though, and fitting for my new blog, which will hopefully stay my blog as I continue my journey to publication.

I hope my three whole subscribers stay with me, and I hope to see that number grow someday.

I feel like I should sign off. Salute or something. Uh . . . high five? Until next time!